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Art Club

Advisor: Mrs. Alison Willis


Advisor: Mrs. Carole Smith

Class of 2024 - Sophomores

Advisor: Mrs. Whitney DuFour

Student Council

To serve as a council to discuss student activities, student problems and options. To assist in further development of school spirit and pride. To raise money for student activities and school/community service projects.

Advisors: Mrs. Janene Sockman and Mrs. Marissa Getz

Band Club

Advisor: Mrs. Carole Smith

Class of 2022 - Seniors

Advisors: Mrs. Mandy Ditty, Mrs. Missy Getz and Ms. Jessica Strouse

National Honor Society

Advisor:  Mrs. Kelly Day &  Mrs. Whitney DuFour

To recognize outstanding students who demonstrate the pillars of leadership.

Varsity Club

The varsity club is for student athletes, cheerleaders and band members.  you can join this club starting your ninth grade year (or any year after).

Each year we do two fundraisers to help pay for the cost of your varsity jacket when you become a junior or senior.  the more money you raise personally, the more money taken off the cost of your jacket. 

Advisor: Mrs. Dionne Werts

Bucktail Youth Leadership Club

Currently Unavailable

Class of 2023 - Juniors

Advisors: Mrs. Dionne Werts and Mrs. Allison Willis


Advisor: Ms. Jessica Strouse


The Yearbook Club is open to 9-12th graders who have an interest in journalism and photography.  Club members are able to showcase their skills by creating a yearbook that represents a part of each individual student of Bucktail High School.  Club members will also help organize fundraisers to offset yearbook costs to the student body.

Yearbook Club meets 2-3x/week (sometimes more) and requires completing work sometimes outside of the school day. 

ADVISORS: Mr. Billy Hook and Mrs. Whitney DuFour